Return Policy

1. Subject to DLC Vets’ Returns and Exchange Policy (as outlined below) DLC Vet will accept the return of goods in circumstances where:
1.1. the goods were delivered in error by DLC Vet or were defective and the customer has notified DLC Vet within five Business Days (5) of delivery or discovery of a defect in the goods; or
1.2. the goods were damaged in transit. Please note that where the damage is evident, it must be noted on the customer’s copy of the delivery documentation and countersigned by the delivery driver.

2. All return of goods ordered by the customer from DLC Vet must have a Goods Return Authorisation (GRA) number, which can be obtained by telephone or email through DLC Vets’ Customer Service. The issuing of a GRA number is not an indication that the returned goods will be accepted or a credit will be issued. Goods must be returned within (5) Business Days of GRA number issue date.

3. All costs applicable to the return of the goods to DLC Vet is the responsibility of the customer, unless DLC Vet agrees that the goods are defective. DLC Vet reserves the right to deduct from any credit the full amount of any freight or shipping charges included in the original invoice.
4. All returned goods must comply with the following conditions:
4.1. goods must be in their original undamaged packaging, unopened, unmarked, unlabelled to a specific order and otherwise in saleable condition and in their original packaging units of authorised quantities and batch numbers; and
4.2. goods must have remaining expiry dating of six (6) months or more unless otherwise agreed with a DLC Vet representative.

5. Unless the goods were defective at the time of supply, DLC Vet reserves the right to reject any goods which do not comply with this requirement.

6. In addition, DLC Vet cannot accept the return of any without the following:
6.1. a clear description of the reason for return; and
6.2. the GRA number.

7. Custom made goods ordered at the customer’s request will not be accepted for return, unless they were defective at the time of supply.

8. Any unauthorised goods returned without the allocated GRA number will be redirected to the Customer at their expense.

9. Where goods are claimed to be defective, goods should be isolated and Customer Service must be advised of the alleged defect. The goods will be returned to the manufacturer for evaluation and if proven to be defective, a credit will be issued. In order to provide an evaluation of the goods and customer product complaint, DLC Vet is obliged to return the affected goods to the manufacturer in a clean, decontaminated and, wherever possible, sterile condition in accordance with AS/NZS4187: “Reprocessing of reusable medical devices in health service organizations”.

In the event the goods returned by the customer are non-defective goods, such goods will be subject to a re-stocking charge of 15% of their invoiced value