Assisi Loop® 2.0


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The Loop is available through veterinary professionals. Veterinary professionals may order the Loop through us directly..

A non-invasive NPAID (non-pharmaceutical anti-inflammatory device) that uses tPEMF micro currents to accelerate healing and reduce pain. 

The Assisi Loop uses low-level pulses of electromagnetic energy to reduce inflammation and pain, and to enhance recovery. The Loop is a targeted Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (tPEMF) device that is easy to use and portable for home use. Use of the Assisi Loop will not interfere with existing standard treatment procedures or pain management. It is effective in combination with laser therapy, acupuncture and pain and inflammation medications.

Interested in the Assisi Loop® 2.0?
Contact your local veterinarian and give them our details as they may not have heard of The Assisi® Loop as it is a relatively new product.

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