Why Are Protective Suits Becoming Rapidly Popular?

Most pet owners have, at some point in their pet’s life, experienced a deep sense of discomfort from watching their much-loved family member being released from a medical procedure with a large, medical grade collar around their neck.

Although the collar helps speed up the healing process if it’s kept in place the protective suits are rapidly becoming popular for pet recovery. To discover more about protective suits and why these are crucial for pet recovery, we’ve highlighted some of the common questions and benefits below:

1. Why Was The Protective Suit Designed?
Protective suits were introduced for both dogs and cats to assist with post-op or treatment recovery and provide a more functional alternative to a medical grade cone. This specialised suit helps to reduce the fear and uncertainty that dogs and cats feel after an operation. The protective suit can also be used for dogs and cats who are in season, have skin diseases, or are incontinent.

2. Can A Protective Suit Be Worn Indoors And Outdoors?
Yes, the suit is suitable to be worn both indoors and outdoors, so that your client’s pet can go outside without affecting the healing process.

3. Is The Protective Suit Comfortable?
Yes, they are designed and manufactured from a breathable fabric that can be stretched in four ways, the protective suit is lightweight, functional and will keep your client’s dog or cat comfortable and warm.

4. Will The Protective Suit Fit All Breeds Of Dogs And Cats?
Protective suits come in various sizes and styles for dogs and cats and fit most breeds. But you will need to determine which size is right for your customer’s dog or cat by measuring from their collar through to the base of their tail.

5. Can A Wound Be Easily Treated With The Suit On?
Designed with inside pockets, the protective suit allows room for pants liners through to sanitary towels to be inserted between the twin fabric layers.

6. Is The Protective Suit Reusable?
Yes, protective suits were designed to be machine washable, at a temperature of 30ºC. This enables the suit to be effectively sterilised, so it can be reused each time your client’s dog or cat needs postoperative care.

7. Does The Protective Suit Stop Cats Use The Litter Tray?
For convenience, the protective suit allows your customer’s cat to use the litter tray either inside or outside on a regular basis, without it having to be removed. Your client can also undo the press buttons close to the base of the dog’s tail if they want to take it for a walk, without having to remove the suit.

These are just a few benefits and reasons why protective suits are so important for pet recovery, incontinence or a skin disease. To find out more, please contact our friendly team or visit the DLC product page here:https://www.dlc.com.au/rehabilitation-therapeutic/medipawr-protective-boots-suits