Butterfly iQ+ Vet Ultrasound


Bringing vision to veterinary care.

Expedite care timelines and help improve outcomes with handheld, multi-species veterinary imaging.

Re-engineered for you.
Leveraging our most advanced Ultrasound-on-Chip™ technology, we redesigned our probe to bring veterinary imaging to the next level:

Increased max depth.
Increased maximum scanning depth across presets, including 30cm on ‘deep’ presets.

Improved shallow and mid-depth resolution.
Get a clearer picture for more easily interpretable scans.

Wider field of view.
A broad field of view enables visualisation of full organs on one plane.

Sharper imaging. Faster answers.

Abdominal small animal.
Optimised abdominal image quality for confident kidney-length measurement.

Bladder assessment and treatment.
Detect UTIs and perform cystocentesis with the optimised bladder preset and NeedleViz™.

MSK equine.
Rule out cortical deviations with sharper bone surface imaging.

Precise guidance. Confident procedures.
Introducing Needle Viz™ technology: on-screen needle visualisation for precise aspirates and injections.

Safer aspirates.
Support the treatment of subcutaneous masses that require aspirations, such as fine needle aspirates, abscess, or acute hematoma drainage.

Do more with less.
Maneuver around smaller animals and areas with a 15% smaller probe head and sharp contrast resolution.**

Build your scanning confidence from day one.
Begin your POCUS journey with expert-taught tutorials, right in the Butterfly app.