What Are The Benefits Of Digital X-Ray Over Traditional Film Radiography?

As technology continues to evolve, business processes are continually becoming faster, more affordable and user friendly.
Advancing technology also means vast improvements in diagnostic capabilities. Improved resolution, means improved diagnostic capabilities and improved patient care.


Veterinary clinics can now use digital imaging to:

  • Improve their diagnostic capabilities with higher resolution imaging
  • Speed up diagnosis and streamline radiography procedures
  • Easy referral of digital images to a specialist in seconds
  • Diagnose accurately within a smaller time frame
  • Improve patient care
  • Clients love that they too can receive a copy of their pets x-rays

The benefits of digital imaging over traditional film radiography are substantial and can have a positive impact on your entire business, staff and customers. The core benefits are in the diagnosis process, which is much faster due to the speed of digital image availability.

Some of the technical benefits include:
Unlike film, digital images can be enhanced, annotated, magnified and edited to aid diagnostic evaluation.
No re-ordering, or throwing left over chemicals with use by dates in the bin.

When is the right time to consider digital imaging?
Image speed, clarity and image manipulation capability are not the only reasons that digital imaging is becoming so appealing. In comparison to film there are significant cost savings to be enjoyed. This is because there is no longer a need for archiving space for films, processing expenditure, consistent purchasing of film and chemicals (these prices are ever increasing) in addition to fewer x-ray re-takes. Additionally, minimal staff training is required in comparison to traditional x-ray. Clinic efficiency is improved while simultaneously reducing x-raying costs.

Digital imaging equipment provides your clinic with faster access to images, fewer errors and retakes and an expedited diagnosis for customers who have concerns about the wellbeing of their pet or working animal. Eliminating lengthy time delays for film processing also means less stress for pet owners.

Is a digital upgrade the right move for your clinic?
With more and more clinics enjoying the upgrade to digital imaging the benefits are substantial and proven.

Are you looking at going digital but are worried about the costs involved? CR technology is an affordable way for any veterinary practice to transition to digital imaging. Instead of film, the CR captures images with a cassette based imaging plate which is placed into a CR reader, which generates a high-quality image in seconds. If you are already enjoying the benefits of a CR machine, you may want to consider an upgrade to a DR plate, cutting your processing time down to 3 seconds without the need to handle a plate. Just position the animal, expose and you will have the image in 3 seconds for diagnostic evaluation.

In the economies of the future, information moves at the speed of light. With DLC, your company can move just as fast as the world of business does. If you would like to know more about upgrading your x-ray system to improve your diagnostic capabilities, processing speed, and overall patient care, contact the friendly team at DLC Australia today.