Atomscope HF400VA X-ray Unit


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The HF400VA is a high power unit for the small animal market. Equipped with anatomical programming and shorter exposure time capability. The HF400VA is the high spec model of the HF200A+ and has a high output with maximum 100mA and maximum 120kV. It is easy to operate with over 1200 anatomical programmed values for dogs, cats, birds and small animals. The program settings include; body part thickness, body part density, FFD range, pregnancy, and radiography with or without an X-ray grid. All settings can be adjusted manually. Programs can be adapted to all major types of film speed. Model: HF400VA portable x-ray unit Max.output power: 6.0kW Line voltage: AC, single phase, 230V, 50/60Hz Focal spot: 1.2mm × 1.2mm kV range: 30kV-120kV (2kV step) mA range: 100mA(0.01-0.1sec),70mA(0.11-2.0sec)@40-50kV 80mA(0.01-0.1sec),56mA(0.11-2.0sec)@52-60kV 70mA(0.01-0.1sec),49mA(0.11-2.0sec)@62-80kV 60mA(0.01-0.1sec),42mA(0.11-2.0sec)@82-100kV 40mA(0.01-0.1sec),28mA(0.11-2.0sec)@102-120kV 60mA(0.01-0.1sec),42mA(0.11-2.0sec)@30-38kV Timer: 0.01-2.00sec Memory storage: Anatomical program Laser pointer: Dual laser (Optional) Dimensions: 430 x 240 x 250 mm 21.8kg Accessories: Power cord/Hand-held exposure switch and cord


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