Atomscope HF1202H X-ray Unit


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Atomscope HF1202H high frequency portable medical x-ray units offer the highest power to weight ratios available from any manufacturer. The HF1202H mounted on a Mobile stand is a rugged and dependable x-ray system, capable of all routine radiographic views. Detailed images of chest, abdomen, skull, spine and extremities are easily obtained with short exposure times on ambulatory and non-ambulatory patients.

Accuracy of the technical factor is following:
• kV (less than ± 10%)
• mA (less than ± 20%)
• Exposure time ± (less than 10% + 1ms)
• mAs ± (less thank 10% + 0.2 mAs)

Accuracy of the reproducibility & linearity satisfies the examination of the following standards:
• EN IEC 60601-2-54
• EN IEC 60601-2-54

X-ray Tube Assembly:
Manufacturer of the x-ray System: Mikasa Co.,Ltd.
Model name of the x-ray tube assembly: XMK161
Nominal maximum tube voltage: 120 kV
Single load rating: 4.05 kW
Nominal radiographic anode input power: 3.5 kW
Temperature of the surface of the x-ray assembly: Maximum 60°C
Manufacturer of the x-ray tube: Superior x-ray tube company
Model of the x-ray tube: SXR-130-15-1.2
Nominal focal spot value of the x-ray tube: 1.2 mm x 1.2 mm
Target angle of the x-ray tube: 15°

Manufacture: Collimare. LLC
Model: CP-100-12-C-MX-01 LED Light
Maximum x-ray field: ≤ 40 x 40 cm (SID: 1m)
Minimum x-ray field: ≤ 5 x 5 cm (SID: 1m)
X-ray field size Indication: SID Indication: 1m
Field size Indication: 13, 18, 24, 30, 35, 40 cm

Total Filtration:
X-ray tube assembly: 1.6 mm AI (@80 kV)
Collimator: 1.6 mm AI (@80 kV)
Total filtration: 3.2 mm AI (@80 kV)

Dimensions: 298 x 233 x 568 mm
Weight: 19.5 kgs

*Optional portable mobile stand

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