Atomscope HF200A Gen2 with Communications X-Ray Unit


Best-selling model for the small animal market. Equipped with anatomical programming.
The Atomscope HF200AC Gen-2 X-Ray Unit is easy to operate with over 1200 anatomical programmed values for dogs, cats, birds and small animals. The program settings include; body part thickness, body part density, FFD range, pregnancy, and radiography with or without an X-ray grid. All settings can be adjusted manually on the x-ray unit or directly from Vet Image Suite Software on your PC. Programs can be adapted to all major types of film speed.

Transfer Indications of kV, mA and mAs directly from your PC with Vet Image Suite Software to your Atomscope HF200AC Gen-2 X-Ray Unit.
Simply connect your PC and X-Ray unit via Bluetooth (connection via cable is also available).
Popular unit with anatomical programming.
• Instead of referring to your exposure guide, just click the animal type, size and area of interest and the unit will set the correct exposure factors for you automatically
• Values for dog, cat, bird, and small domestic animal-all settings can be adjusted manually
• Programmed settings for projection, use of contrast medium, all major film sensitivity systems, radiograph with or without grid, and pregnancy all settings can be adjusted manually
• Interface connector for DR system
• 5 year warranty

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