Why Veterinarians Are Stocking Spray Collars To Help Stop Dogs Barking

Excessive barking is one of the primary complaints of dog owners. Dogs who bark frequently or late into the night can be a nuisance to both the owners and neighbours, and it’s a habit that most dog owners will want to get under control. Positive training is one, and indeed the preferred way to try minimise barking, however, if the dog continues to bark like when the owner is not home, an effective short-term result can be achieved with a spray collar.

Spray collars are being favoured over shock collars by Vets in recent years, and RSPCA Australia is openly vocal about the use of electronically activated or other devices which deliver electric shocks and anti-barking collars and invisible boundaries.

How Do Spray Collars Work?

Spray collars slowly condition dogs to stop barking by emitting a burst of harmless spray every time they bark. A microphone or sound sensor picks up the sound of a dog’s bark, triggering the spray to burst in front of the dog’s nose. The spray distracts the dog from what he is barking at and redirects their attention. Over time, and with a combination of positive reinforcement, most dogs will learn to stop barking and understand both the punishment and rewards for doing so.

Can The Anti-Barking Spray Collar Be Used On All Dogs?
Spray collars are safe and can be used on dogs of any age and size, including puppies. The collars are comfortable on all dogs with neck sizes up to 610mm. The most common ingredient you’ll find in dog spray collars is citronella, a fragrant plant-based liquid. While humans tend to find the smell quite pleasant, dogs find it difficult to palate and will begin to associate their barking with the unpleasant smell of citronella.

Citronella is a safe material to handle and use, even around children. At DLC Australia we also offer an unscented spray for your clients who aren’t huge fans of the citronella scent themselves.

A standard DLC spray collar kit that you can offer clients will include:
– Spray collar device
– Nylon adjustable collar strap
– 1 x 6-Volt Alkaline Battery
– 1 can citronella refill
– Instruction Manual

How Effective Are Anti-Barking Spray Collars?
While the anti-barking collars can stop dogs barking up to 90% of the time, it’s also always a good idea to suggest to your clients they should add an extra method of training to further encourage their dog to stop barking. This training is not just for the dog, but the owner themselves if they have not had dogs before or do not understand dogs thought process.

For example, in addition to the burst of spray from the collar, dog owners should learn to command their dog through voice or hand gestures to be quiet every time they bark. This way, the dog will associate barking with two consequences and quickly relate the gesture and spray together, so that the spray can be removed completely over the long-term.

Naturally one thing we here at DLC recommend is that a dog spray collar, while completely safe, is still a penalty based method of training. If you or your clients prefer more positive reinforcement and have the time and patience to work with a challenging dog, we would suggest a positive training program for their dog instead. And in some cases the spray collars can be used for other situations, like when your client is at work and their dog is home alone.

DLC Stock Leading Australian Anti-Barking Spray Collars
At DLC Australia we stock anti-barking collars with an option of either citronella or unscented sprays. Our anti-barking kit includes the spray collar device, a nylon adjustable collar strap, alkaline battery and one spray can, as well as an instruction manual. The product is easy to use and is 100% safe for all dogs as well as the environment. We also stock refill cans and replacement batteries and straps.

If you’re interested in offering your clients anti-barking spray collars, please just get in touch with our friendly team or view our spray collar products here: www.dlc.com.au/pet-products/anti-barking-spray-collar