Welch Allyn GS900 Procedure Light with Wall Mount


Green SeriesTM Medical Exam Lights designed to fit any veterinary environment Welch Allyn Green Series Medical Exam Lights feature white LEDs that provide a brighter, whiter light than ever before and consume less energy. So now you can see true tissue color during an exam or procedure while also reducing your current cost of ownership. Whiter and Brighter, to improve patient exams. 
• Six LEDs, combines outstanding durability, extraordinary
maneuverability, and unparalleled spot quality
• Ceiling and wall mount options give the ability to maximize floor space
and provide direct light—right where you need it
• Top-performing light for nearly every application, whether
you are a neighborhood clinic or specialty practice

• Perfect combination of intense light output and cool operation
• Compact, rugged design
• Affordable price and exceptional performance
• Ideal for any in-office exam Greener, for a lower cost of ownership.
• Among the first veterinary lights to feature LED technology
• No bulb replacement for cost savings and less waste
• Lower energy consumption
• Intensity controls for the GS 600 and GS 900 allow you to adjust light output based on your needs Designed to aid in infection control to help keep your patients safer.
• Touchless on/off controls to reduce your contact with the light
• New ergonomic design that is easy to wipe clean
• Reduce the chance of spreading nosocomial and zoonotic infections by using an optional sheath with each patient

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