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The V-Top acts as a helper during surgery, keeping the patient in the correct position. Give you flexibility to go from straight horizontal and level to V-Shaped, near vertical positioning without external devices. You choose how you want to operate. The Shor-Line tables are also available with an addition of dual heating panels. The Shor-Line V-Top table with heating panels help prevent hypothermia during small animal surgeries. Shor-Line tables are designed for animal use only.

• High-quality, durable stainless steel table surfaces
• Two polymer five lobe ergonomic knobs open the new Flip Open Trough™ design. This new design allows the tops to open to 270° for easy access to remove surgical waste. Just clean the trough and reinsert the tray for the next surgical procedure
• Two-panel system that adjusts from horizontal to near vertical to hold the patient in the desired position during surgery
• Two sliding, quick-release, cam cleat tie-down attachments provided on each side of the attachment rail
• 76 mm (3”) stainless steel trough permits fluid runoff into a drain outlet
• Table can be lifted from 774 mm to 1041 mm (30½” to 41”) via hydraulic mechanism
• Top can rotate 360 degrees or be stationary
• Solid stainless steel base that lasts for decades
• Specs: Overall size of the top is 482 mm W x 1473 mm L (19”W x 58”L)
• Need it taller? Optional height extenders available:
– 803.4000.09 – 76 mm (3”) higher
– 803.4000.07 – 152 mm (6”) higher
• Also available in electric

Features with optional heating thermostatic control:
• Each panel has an 209 x 1117 mm (8¼” x 44”) heated area. Overall heated area is 419 x 1117 mm (16½” x 44”)
• The thermostatic control mounted on the frame has a timer for 60, 90 and 120 minutes
• There is a built-in alarm and shutoff to alert you to an overheating situation
• Factory-set temperature is maintained at 35°C (95°F) with even heat distribution. (The temperature is NOT adjustable)

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