Mobile X-Ray Stand


The mobile stand is compatible with any unit up to 18.5 kgs. The versatile, robust mobile stand is designed for out of-clinic and in-clinic use. The x-ray unit can easily be positioned over the floor or over a table for taking large and small animal radiographs.

• The mobile stand moves easily on four wheels, the rear wheels are equipped with brakes to avoid accidental moves during radiographs
• The sturdy 2 parts stainless steel rod (1000 mm and 1200 mm) provides for convenient handling. Use the short rod for prepurchase examination (including proximal hock)
• By attaching the second rod the unit can be positioned for horizontal beam projection up to 1900 mm. The crank mechanism allows for easy height adjustment
• The x-ray unit can be aligned in all directions and angles
• The stand can be easily disassembled for convenient transportation to out-of-clinic locations
• Corrosion-resistant anodized aluminium, with stainless steel rod
• Total weight is approximately 20 kgs

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