Kentamed RF100 Electro Surgery Unit


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APPLICATION: MINOR and MEDIUM SURGERY where fine cutting and soft coagulation are desired
USE: In dermatology, ENT offices, veterinary clinics

™• Cutting-edge technology 4MHz radiofrequency surgery unit
• ™ Microprocessor controlled
™• Combines the well-known tissue sparing effects of radiofrequency with revolutionary innovations of the waveform characteristics
• ™ Extremely wide spectrum of clinical applications
• ™ Output power sufficient for veterinary surgery
• ™ 6 operating modes
• ™ Each mode can be selected with only one touch
• ™ Settings of each mode are stored independently and kept even when the unit is switched off
• ™ Output power can be adjusted with precision of 1 Watt and the indicators show the actual setting in Watts (not percentage)
™• Output power failure detection system
™• The software tracks the actions of the user and prevents any harmful activities
™• The unit protects itself against overheating
• ™ 3 year warranty

Unit includes:
• 1 reusable finger-switch handle with 3 m cable
• 5 monopolar electrodes
• 10 single use split neutral electrodes (NE)
• 1 reusable cable for split NE
• 1 bipolar cable 3 m
• 1 bipolar forceps
• 1 twin footswitch
• user manual

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