Anaesthetic Units

Since 1976, DLC Australia Pty Ltd has been dedicated to bringing the finest veterinary equipment available to the Australian market. Throughout our product categories, we represent only those brands that have met our exacting standards and stood the test of time.

Our Veterinary Anaesthetic Units are no different. Our two primary lines are the VOC and LANA Units from MDI. MDI (Medical Developments International) has a long history and well-deserved reputation for quality, precision, reliability, and durability. With over forty years of experience in the manufacturing of Veterinary Anaesthetic Equipment, MDI is one of the oldest continually operating Australian companies in the industry. You don't last this long in such a competitive market if you aren't doing something right.

VOC Anaesthetic Units

The VOC is a continuous flow anaesthetic unit manufactured in Australia at the MDI laboratory. The simplicity and robustness of the VOC anaesthetic unit make it a safe and dependable addition to any operating room. DLC Carries a wide variety of MDI VOC units, including trolley mounted, wall mounted or bench top with optional extras including an oxygen cylinder support and breathing monitor. The VOC machine can be manufactured to accommodate individual preferences.

RotaFlush™ Flowmeter - provides an accurate oxygen flow between 0-4 l/min to enable the economical use of Isoflurane, etc.
Emergency oxygen bypass valve
KAB™ circular carbon dioxide absorber
Breath Alert MK 3 breathing monitor (optional)
Washington t-piece circuit
Coaxial breathing tube with breathing bag
Anaesthetic unit comes with NEW Isoflurane Vaporiser and Isoflurane Vaporiser Filler

LANA Anaesthetic Units

The LANA Anaesthetic Unit accommodates for large and small animals incorporating a clear carbon dioxide soda lime canister with a 4.2kg capacity, which can be filled and emptied in seconds. The LANA incorporates a 180 degree mechanism, wide bore hose in hose assembly with built in breathing valves.
A few of the features that make LANA Anaesthetic Units standout are:

The LANA hose-in-hose breathing circuit replaces conventional bulky twin hoses.
The uni-directional silicone valves are incorporated within the 52 mm inner and the 88 mm outer hose.
All hoses are reinforced with a stainless steel coil and are autoclavable
Short polycarbonate endotracheal tube connectors: 18, 20, 25, 30, 25 and 40 mm. Other sizes on request
The LANA breathing circuit is pressure tested to eliminate leaks. This enables low fresh gas flow rates (2-3 l/min) to be used in large animals down to 0.1 l/min in small animals
The LANA machine can be used in the field as a transportable unit

With over 40 years of experience serving the equipment needs of the Veterinary Industry in Australia, DLC has a vast store of experience to help you pick the right anaesthetic unit to fit the needs of your unique practice. Contact us today on 1300 785 405, 1300 785 401 or use the convenient "Chat With Us" app on the lower right and let us know how we can best serve you and your veterinary equipment needs.